It seems like everyone has an Instagram account these days. People are using Instagram to express themselves, whether it’s through selfies or creatively edited photos. Celebrities are also using social media channels to interact with their fans and promote their products.


But why do some people choose to use private Instagram accounts? Here are a few reasons that may shed some light.


I’m not interesting enough to follow.


Though Instagram is about much more than just sharing pretty pictures, some people still think they don’t have any photos good enough to share with the world. If photogenic selfies are your thing but you’re shy about posting them online for everyone else (or even just your family) to see, a private Instagram account might be a good option.


Privacy and safety issues


Setting up a private Instagram account is the way to go for many people who want to use social media but have concerns about privacy or safety issues. For teens, in particular, uploading selfies and checking out what other students post can lead to an infinite number of cyberbullying issues. With a private account, parents don’t have to worry about seeing posts that contain photos of underage drinking or drug use. Though it bears keeping in mind that tools like Instagram unlocker can still be used to view private accounts.


In addition to ensuring that no one other than those you approve as followers can see your Instagram account, having a private Instagram account also ensures that others can’t contact you unless they’re already following you.


I’m an adult who doesn’t want to be followed back by my boss or coworkers.


It’s always a good idea to use your best judgment when sharing photos on social media, but that’s especially true if you’re job hunting and need to make a good first impression with future employers. A private Instagram account gives you the chance to post whatever you want and lets you decide who gets to follow you.


And just because you’re not following someone on Instagram doesn’t mean they can’t see your photos and other activity. Even if an account is set as private, the username still appears in search results, which means anyone can click it and take a look. In addition, Instagram has a “Follow” button that lets anyone follow any account without even needing to request permission.


I want to keep my online and offline lives separate.


Living in the digital age certainly has its perks. But for some people, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to stay on top of all the ways technology is changing social interactions. Having a private Instagram account means you can post whatever you want without fear of your friends and family seeing it, and if they decide to follow you, that’s their choice – not yours.


Private accounts also help people who want to escape from the constant noise of social media and offer solace in a digital space where they can be alone with their thoughts.


If you’re thinking about using a private Instagram account, keep the following tips in mind: Always change your password regularly to prevent others from gaining access to it if they find out what it is. Never post photos of yourself that are easily identifiable by location services tagging unless you want anyone to use Google Maps to find where you live. Don’t use any private photos in your profile picture. This is a good idea even if you’re not using a private Instagram account because it prevents strangers from doing pretty much anything without your permission.