Photo Booths : A Timeless Party Addition with Timeless Favors for Guests

While the staples of most parties and events are usually food and music, having additional activities is a great way to break the ice and keep guests entertained. Photo booths have been around since the 1920s and have lately made a resurgence as an increasingly attractive party addition. Part of the photo booths appeal is that people of all ages can enjoy it and it gives party goers something tangible to remember the event by.

Why Choose a Photo Booth for Your Next Event?

Photo booths kill two birds with one stone by providing party entertainment and party favors at once. Guests will enjoy taking home picture mementos to remember the event. Along with becoming increasingly popular, photo booths are becoming an increasingly affordable addition to any party or get together. Most areas will have tons of rental options of all types available, which makes them an easy commodity to find.


While most people think of photo booths as a little curtained off box that can fit about two people, photo booths can come in all sizes, shapes and designs now. The sizing, photoshop options, and backgrounds can vary and even include a green screen. Most rental companies can also provide props to add flair and a theme to the photos. Many rental companies also allow for the option of adding designs and frames to the photos for a fun and finished look. For those who want to add a company logo or other personalizing stamp, rental companies can include one in each photo.

For large events an open air photo station allows for more guests to fit in to each picture. This is great for reunions or events where large groups of friends want to be involved. That way guests aren’t limited to only a few people per picture. The sky’s the limit when it comes to photo booths now, and the booth can be a vintage automated setup or a ipad in a designated area with an attendant.

Rental companies (like photo booth hire Wakefield) often offer a certain amount of photo strips for guests to take as favors, and digital copies so they can buy prints online if they want. The length of rental time for a photo booth can vary but is usually flexible depending on the company.

Where You Can Use Photo Booths

Photo booths may be a familiar staple at weddings and birthday parties, but can be a great addition to work gatherings as well. Hiring a company that will electronically deliver photos can be a great way to add your company’s brand to photos that guests will likely post and share on social media. While any event can be improved with a photo booth, look for entertainment companies that will give a discount for package deals that include other entertainment staples such as a DJ and lighting. If you need several services it makes sense to bundle them and simplify the planning process.

Final Considerations

Photo booths are a very flexible and creative addition to parties. Determining what kind to use for an event can be determined based on personal preferences, budget and the style or theme of an event. The vintage style, curtained off booths create a more intimate feel and sometimes guests prefer the novelty of the “old time photo booth” experience over an open air set up with someone else photographing them. However, choosing an attendant and a digital set up allows for more creativity when it comes to photo shopped additions, props, and larger groups.