If you are a parent to a teenager, you may be well aware of the challenges associated with parenting a young adult who likes to keep certain parts of their lives private even from their family and can be very selective about the amount of information they want to share.

As tricky and challenging as that phase of their life is for you, as a parent, you will always be concerned for their wellbeing and would like to know what is happening in their lives. If your child is an avid Instagram user, your concerns may not be misplaced if they are extremely secretive about the contents of their accounts and what sort of interactions they are having.

At the same time, while Instagram can be a very productive platform, there is no limit to the kind of content that can be shared, and you cannot control the amount of exposure your child may be getting, and not all of that may be positive.

So what do you do if you want to see what content your child is being exposed to and the nature of their interaction with their peers or others?  A private Instagram may be the answer to your vows in this situation. It allows you to easily view all kinds of content of a private Instagram account without the account owner finding out.

Using a private Instagram viewer

Private Instagram viewer is an online tool designed to access private Instagram accounts. They are easy-to-use tools that can usually be used on any device, including pc, laptops, cellphones and tablets.

Here is how you can use a Instagram private profile viewer to track your child’s activity on Instagram.

The first thing you need to do is find a reliable Insta viewer for the purpose. The internet is full of such options, and you may have to go through a few to find a good one. However, with a reliable site like watchinsta.com, you do not need to search anymore.

Once you enter the private Instagram viewer site, just enter your child’s profile URL. Ensure that you enter the right address; otherwise, the search result may be inconclusive. Alternatively, you can just enter the profile username if you do not have an accurate URL. Once done, enter, click, and the viewer site will direct you to your kid’s private Instagram account. You do not have to log into your account to access the content.

You may view all forms of media files and images on the account. You can even retrieve the deleted files and images and transfer them to a .zip file. The viewer site uses a proxy, so your identity is not revealed while you are exploring the site, so your child will not find out about your activities.