Social media platforms are becoming more and more popular in today’s digital world, and Instagram has become a favorite for many, especially the millennials. A lot of users are using it to connect socially with their loved ones and strangers as well. Others are taking advantage of its popularity to market their products and services online. While Instagram was founded after platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, it has grown tremendously within a short period. And if you are wondering why Instagram is still popular today, here is why.

  1. It Connects to a Huge and Diverse Audience

Instagram has numerous users who are usually active. By the year 2018, Instagram had over 1 billion users, spreading all over the world. They comment, share, and like or double tap on posts more than any other social media platform. The trick is that the more a post gets shared, the more likes and comments it gets. This is even easier because one can share a post on the feature known as Insta stories, which means people who are not following you get to see such a post and most probably re-share it. Instagram makes you meet different people effortlessly by connecting with their posts. The other main feature helping people to connect globally is the use of hashtags, which leads to the creation of convenient and useful communities of like-minded users.

  1. Perfect Display of Contents

Instagram is so easy to use. You can build your personal or business page effortlessly by sharing nice pictures and videos every day. The arrangement of these contents is perfect as compared to Facebook and Twitter because it uses UI. On other platforms, you get to see too many details, including sidebars, chat screens, and everything else on one page, even if you do not need them at that particular time. On Instagram, you only see images and videos, and that’s it — Instagram’s interface is clutter-free. However, if you need other details such as links and chatting interface, you can always navigate and find them. For instance, most users will add links to their bio to allow followers to connect to their other platforms or contents.

  1. It Is Easy to Penetrate the Market on Instagram

Online marketers and business owners have a great chance to build their brand on Instagram. The main reason is that you have an opportunity to connect to numerous users globally, as stated earlier. Users doing business can share their brand information as normal photos or videos, Insta stories, links added on bio, numerous related hashtags, and sponsored posts. Finding an influencer marketer who is popular on Instagram is also a perfect way to reach a broader market. Influencers expose you better to your followers and an audience who were not following you yet.

Lastly, here’s a pro tip: if there is a private account you want to view, try a tool like Instagram private account viewer to see what they’re up to.