Esport has become one of the most popular ways for gamers to spend there time. After all, when you can attend an esport event with thousands of other gamers, or watch it live via the Internet, it makes online gaming even more exciting.

What are the most popular esport games in 2019, though, and are the games participating in esports likely to change over time? In cooperation with games without games, we present you the most popular games of 2019.


Defence of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2) — The biggest esport game in the world, and one that has been running for the longest time is Dota 2.


There are around 160 major Dota 2 tournaments worldwide, with a total prize money of almost $40 million in 2019. There are also more than 100 million people watching Dota 2 tournaments either online or live.


In fact, if you want to get into esports and try to make it big, then Dota 2 is definitely the place to start.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) — While CS: GO does not have quite as many players as does Dota 2, it makes up for it in the number of tournaments run worldwide in 2019. Almost 900 tournaments, with more being added every year.


Interestingly, even though the prize money that can be earned in CS: GO tournaments is far lower than in a Dota 2 tournament, the game still has more viewers than most other esports.


League of Legends — The most popular esport in 2019 is still League of Legends, particularly in China where it has more than 100 million viewers watching various tournaments at any one time. There are some cool and very educating videos on how it is played, for example:


Like CS: GO, League of Legends prize pools are much lower than Dota, yet it still manages to attract hundreds of millions of viewers to esports events every year.


Are these three games likely to remain the most popular esports in coming years? Until another game attracts the mass attention these games have been able to attract, yes, it is highly likely.