There are a lot of things which one needs to consider before planning to go on a fishing trip. We are going to discuss some of the essential things you need to know in order to make your fishing trip a successful one.

    Choosing the Right Time to go Fishing

Fishing largely depends on perfect timing. There are certain time and seasons of the year when the fishes come out from the depths and are looking for food which makes them an easily target for the fishermen and anglers. During the spring season, the fishes get more hungry and cranky and come up to the surface. The sun is directly over the water making it cosy and warm for them. The best time to catch fish in spring is in the afternoon to early morning. In fall, early evenings become the most suitable time for fishing while in summers, fishing is great from dawn to mid-morning and then from dusk to dark.

    Temperature of the water

The temperature of the water greatly affects the fish. If the temperature is too hot or too low in shallow waters, the fish might become sluggish. It is important to understand the fact that fish are cold blooded and cannot maintain their body temperature at a constant level. This makes the temperature of their surroundings to influence their bodily functions. When the temperature of the water is either too high or too low, the amount of the oxygen in the water reduces and makes the fish less active, picky and this makes it slower for the fishermen to catch them.

    Importance of Light   

It is important for the water in which fishes live to be warm and cosy for them. This is the reason why fishes prefer either early morning or evening sun. The sun warms the shallow waters at these times just enough to make it comfortable for the fish to feed. The shallow waters that have dark or muddy bottoms are desirable during the late mornings in spring because the dark areas absorb heat rapidly. When the days are hot and sunny, the fish move up to cooler and deeper waters to stay comfortable. In such cases, deep fishing baits are used to lure the fish. Selecting the right combination of light, weather and time of the day is the most important part of planning a successful fishing trip.

    Importance of Wind

Wind is also another factor, which has an important role to play in a successful fishing. On a windy day, the wind will push the water and the surface food for fish to the far shore, which will make the fish go far shore too. In such situations, you also need to cast accordingly. If you are on a boat, then cast with the wind on a sheltered shore and if you are fishing from the shore, then cast into the wind to make your lure move with the wind like other food in the lake.

Understanding these simple things might help you greatly when planning a fishing trip and it will surely be successful if you consider these points seriously.


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