Due to the huge number of users, it is no surprise that Instagram has become a top social media platform.


Besides the huge number of users, there are also many benefits that users are able to take advantage of.


One of these benefits is to set their account to private mode. This will limit the amount of content seen and require others to obtain the owner’s permission to view it first.


Nevertheless, there seems to be certain methods available that can allow a private profile to be seen. Exactly how to see private instagram? We will explain below.


Viewing A Private IG Profile


The world of social media is full of interesting images that catch our eyes on a daily level. Plus, many users love to post photos and video of the places they visit and then share it with others to grow their following.


With so much to enjoy and view, even more reasons exist to try to gain as much access as possible to the profile.


Going the traditional route will require you to send a request to whoever you are interested in.


Not having their consent will only permit you to view their main photo. All of their stories, videos, posts, and photos will be inaccessible.


Gaining Access Beyond Privacy


Now that we know why we love looking at IG profiles, let’s explore how we can access them beyond the privacy settings.


Today, we have many apps that allow a user to view private IG accounts. Although not all of them work, watchinsta is the exception.


With watchinsta, you will be able to gain full access to all private IG accounts that you are interested in viewing without worrying about being seen.


Besides this way, you can also submit legitimate methods to view a private profile.


First, you can attempt by communicating with them with a message together with a request to follow them. This way they will see that you have a genuine interest in following them.


You can also conduct a search by googling the profile’s IG name and real name of the private account owner and see what results pop up.


Besides having the ability to view the private content, conducting a search like this can provide you with additional details.


You will also be able to view photos which may be on their private account as well as reading the details of the photos and video that they post.


Regardless of an IG account being private, it is easy to gain access to an individual just by searching other social media sites. Usually, you can catch the same content across multiple sources. This way is the simplest method in order to view the IG profiles that you are most interested in.