In this new digital age, we are all trying to find that one thing that we love to do and turn it into our job. This is what people have been telling us to do since we were born, but it has never been easier than it is currently now that we have access to dozens of different online platforms that we can make money on. If you have ever wondered about where to start and asked around the web to see which site is the best, you might have ran across OnlyFans. Here is everything you need to know about it.


What is OnlyFans?


OnlyFans is a website that you can encourage your fan base to go to in order to help support you. There are a lot of rumors as to what the site is, what it allows, and what the site isn’t. Though it might not seem like a site that is appropriate for all audiences, that isn’t actually the case. The site allows content of all forms from videos, art, short stories, or intimate photos. The way that you run your page is what is going to determine how appropriate the site is for your audience. This isn’t an 18+ website that you are sending your fans to unless that is the kind of content that you want to produce and post.


How does a subscription work?


When you set up your page, you can now start accepting subscriptions. A subscription will give your followers and fans a chance to view private posts, a chance to message with you personally, and it gives them access to all exclusive content that you post to this site alone. You could post public content to bring people in and make them interested, but you have to have some sort of content hidden behind a paywall to make the site worth it for you.


Is it possible to make the price higher for a subscription?


The subscription fee is entirely customizable (check out premium OnlyFans for free). This gives you, as the artist, the chance to set how much you want people to pay to be able to view your content for the month. You can change the price of the subscription if you aren’t doing well one month, but you should try to keep the prices consistent so that your loyal fans don’t have to change their budget every month.


Is it possible to make a living off OnlyFans?


If you make your subscription price something that people are willing to pay, you are posting and uploading content that people want to see and support, and you are talking to the people who are personally supporting you, it is very possible to make a living off of this site. But it will take time, and you have to work up your fan base as this will not happen overnight.