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Prop it up behind a Photo Booth

Photo Booths : A Timeless Party Addition with Timeless Favors for Guests

While the staples of most parties and events are usually food and music, having additional activities is a great way to break the ice and keep guests entertained. Photo booths have been around since the 1920s and have lately made a resurgence as an increasingly attractive party addition. Part of the photo booths appeal is that people of all ages can enjoy it and it gives party goers something tangible to remember the event by.

Why Choose a Photo Booth for Your Next Event?

Photo booths kill two birds with one stone by providing party entertainment and party favors at once. Guests will enjoy taking home picture mementos to remember the event. Along with becoming increasingly popular, photo booths are becoming an increasingly affordable addition to any party or get together. Most areas will have tons of rental options of all types available, which makes them an easy commodity to find.


While most people think of photo booths as a little curtained off box that can fit about two people, photo booths can come in all sizes, shapes and designs now. The sizing, photoshop options, and backgrounds can vary and even include a green screen. Most rental companies can also provide props to add flair and a theme to the photos. Many rental companies also allow for the option of adding designs and frames to the photos for a fun and finished look. For those who want to add a company logo or other personalizing stamp, rental companies can include one in each photo.

For large events an open air photo station allows for more guests to fit in to each picture. This is great for reunions or events where large groups of friends want to be involved. That way guests aren’t limited to only a few people per picture. The sky’s the limit when it comes to photo booths now, and the booth can be a vintage automated setup or a ipad in a designated area with an attendant.

Rental companies (like photo booth hire Wakefield) often offer a certain amount of photo strips for guests to take as favors, and digital copies so they can buy prints online if they want. The length of rental time for a photo booth can vary but is usually flexible depending on the company.

Where You Can Use Photo Booths

Photo booths may be a familiar staple at weddings and birthday parties, but can be a great addition to work gatherings as well. Hiring a company that will electronically deliver photos can be a great way to add your company’s brand to photos that guests will likely post and share on social media. While any event can be improved with a photo booth, look for entertainment companies that will give a discount for package deals that include other entertainment staples such as a DJ and lighting. If you need several services it makes sense to bundle them and simplify the planning process.

Final Considerations

Photo booths are a very flexible and creative addition to parties. Determining what kind to use for an event can be determined based on personal preferences, budget and the style or theme of an event. The vintage style, curtained off booths create a more intimate feel and sometimes guests prefer the novelty of the “old time photo booth” experience over an open air set up with someone else photographing them. However, choosing an attendant and a digital set up allows for more creativity when it comes to photo shopped additions, props, and larger groups.

Should You See A Gastroenterologist?


Anyone who has experienced stomach issues knows that it can disrupt your entire life. It can keep you from doing the things you love and enjoy, it can interrupt your work schedule and many other things. You may think that you just need to “wait it out” and take it easy until you feel better. Meanwhile, you are missing out on all of your favorite activities. However, the good news is that you don’t have to live with this problem! There is something you can do to help you diagnose the problem, and have it under control once and for all.

Consider Seeing A Gastroenterologist

Have you considered seeing a gastroenterologist?  This type of specialist can help treat problems with heartburn, constipation, or abdominal pain. When you are experiencing these digestive issues, you might first see your family doctor, after that finding a gastroenterologist is super easy – as you are mostly referred. They can also help treat Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. These are common, uncomfortable and painful issues that you may be reluctant to see a doctor about. However, keep in mind that seeing a gastroenterologist is the best way to properly treat your digestive issues as effectively as possible.

What Does A Gastroenterologist Do?

A Gastroenterologist treats symptoms of the digestive system.

These highly trained specialists will provide high-quality care for those suffering from long or short-term GI issues. You should see a gastroenterologist for a thorough colonoscopy in order to detect polyps or cancer. They can help you with these symptoms that should not be ignored. The extensive training of a gastroenterologist involves additional education after attending medical school.

What Symptoms Require A Visit To A Gastroenterologist?

Symptoms of the digestive system are fairly common, yet should not be ignored. Contact a gastroenterologist if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
*Severe Abdominal Pain
*Unexplained Weight Loss
*Rectal Bleeding, fever and joint pain
*Bloating or constipation
*Any other stomach issues that you think may require medical treatment

What Kind Of Tests Will A Gastroenterologist Perform?

While this obviously depends on the symptoms you are having, there are a number of tests that can be performed. A very common and extremely important one is the colonoscopy, which looks at the colon to detect polyps or cancer. This is a routine test that will be recommended by your physician. You may also receive a barium enema, which examines the lower GI tract. Also, there is the upper GI endoscopy, a test which examines the upper GI tract to treat or prevent diseases.


Stomach issues should definitely not be ignored. What may seem like a minor illness or something that will pass in a few days, can indicate a serious problem and should get medical attention as soon as possible. Ask your physician for a referral to a gastroenterologist if these or any other stomach issues apply to you. They are experts in recommending the best course of treatment to bring you relief.

Alternative Treatment Options for Cancer

According to a recent study, cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. In 2013, 8.2 million people died of cancer. Standard treatment options for cancer include various forms of Chemotherapy and Radiation. These treatments can be risky for a good portion of patients. Over the past decade more alternative treatment options have been proven effective. Sometimes its difficult for patients to discover these alternative treatments. Below is a list of several Alternative cancer treatments that could be effective for cancer patients. Its also very important that you discuss these treatments with your doctor.



Immunotherapy has gained a positive perspective among cancer patients over the last several years. Immunotherapy uses the bodies immune system to fight cancer. The white blood cells in the body will strengthen and help kill cancer cells along with any other types of viruses in the body. Immunotherapies have three general categories. Each category helps stop cancer cells from mutating and helps the body react. In July of 2016 the FDA approved more Immunotherapy drugs. It is also noted that former President Jimmy Carter used immunotherapy in 2015 to treat his metastic melanoma cancer. Carter was cancer free after the treatment.



A healthy diet is a major step in cancer prevention and treatment. Many oncologists do not promote specific diets for cancers. Many medical professionals have remained neutral on whether a healthy diet can put cancer in remission. It has been proven that people who eat balanced diets and have no nutritional deficiencies have a better chance at preventing cancer. Also, staying away from processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, ham, and various cold cut meats can help prevent colon cancer by 18 percent according to the British Medical Journal.



Studies have shown, that CBD (cannabidiol) can help with the symptons and side-effects of cancer treatments. More and more physicians prescripe cbd capsules to their patients to help with all the unwanted and very stressful side effects of the most common treatment options. While the jury isn’t out on the effectiveness of CBD and CBD oils on cancer itself, it sure will help with a lot of the symptoms. More studies and human trials are needed in this sector to give a causal and conclusive statement. Time will tell – but it sure is a very interesting field to keep an eye on.


Dandelion Root

Researchers in Windsor, Ontario received a large grant of 217,000 in 2012. The grant was for research on an herb called dandelion root. The root is well known for various health purposes, but doctors remained skeptic about the herb killing cancer cells. The research has shown that dandelion root can kill cancer cells. A 72 year old man named John DiCarlo was suffering with leukemia and told by doctors that he was going to have a difficult time surviving. DiCarlo started drinking dandelion root tea which was suggessted by the cancer clinic. Four months later, DiCarlo was in remission. He credited the dandelion.



Tumeric is a natural anti inflammatory that has been proven to benefit from illness and strengthen the immune system. Turmeric has been shown by researchers to destroy various cancer cells in the body. Tumeric, in a study, was also shown to kill cancer stem cells. Also, no side effects were shown from the herb. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center did a study in April of 2011. Researchers showed that Turmeric had the ability to kill cancer cells but also keep regular healthy cells free from damage.

Abilify Manufacturer Fails to Warn

Abilify is a drug at the center of both legal actions and class action lawsuits due to the associated side effects and dangers of taking the medication. The medication hit the market in 2002 and is in a class of drugs referred to as atypical antipsychotics and Abilify is used to treat schizophrenia.

The Start of Problems with Abilify

The FDA approved Abilify under its pharmaceutical name aripiprazole for the treatment of schizophrenia November 15, 2002. This would be a prescription medication the FDA would issue several warnings about beginning with the increased risk of potential cardiac related issues. Then studies of this medication would show that Abilify increases the propensity of compulsive behaviors and loss of impulse control.

The medical information that explains why the prescription drug has these possible side effects is that Abilify increases the levels of dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system that has an active role in the pleasure centers in the brain. Taking this drug that stimulates the dopamine levels is the cause of the compulsive behavior. This behavior characteristic did show up in clinical trials predominantly as hyper-sexuality. Further proof of this fact is when patients behaving compulsively they stop taking the medication their behavior returns to normal.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Responsibility

Drug companies are obligated by law to inform the public of harmful side effects of the drugs they manufacture that are approved and put on the market. In this case, the manufacturer of Abilify Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and the marketer Bristol-Myers Squibb are alleged to be negligent in designing, creating and manufacturing a drug that is defective. It is also alleged the companies were aware of the defect that resulted in compulsive behavior and failed to adequately warn the public of the risks.

Agencies Get Involved

In the United States, Abilify’s warning and prescribing information did not address gambling and compulsive behaviors as a possible side effect until May 2016. Even though there were ongoing complaints.

American claims over the drug were not the only complaints. In 2012 the potential dangers of using the drug gained more attention with the European Medicines Agency’s demand for new warning labels. The agency wanted the new warning to address pathological gambling. This came after a marketing study that showed 19 cases of pathological gambling by people using the prescription drug Abilify.

Canada had made the same demand for an updated warning label. Health Canada went further and in a safety review, the data showed that 14 of 18 gambling cases and 5 of 6 hypersexual cases they studied were either resolved or highly improved of the compulsive behaviors when the study participants stopped taking Abilify.

The Abilify Lawsuits

After the drug was on the market and complaints began to mount lawsuits were filed in 42 states and the District of Columbia, along with the U.S. Justice Department. These lawsuits were filed on the basis of the manufacturer and marketer’s failure to warn and individual user’s claims of compulsive gambling, hypersexual behavior, and binge eating.

The lawsuits may include compensation for financial and personal losses due to the compulsive behavior caused by the drug or due to the increased risk of cardiac arrest. The lawsuit or class action suit may include punitive damages for failure to warn. The compensation damages may include:

  • Loss of financial stability and gambling losses
  • Physical injury
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium

Were you diagnosed with chronic kidney disease after taking heartburn medicine?

Nexium And Prilosec Led To Kidney Disease

Some people that were given Nexium And Prilosec were afterward diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. If this affected you, you might be eligible for for compensation. The best way to handle this situation is to contact a law firm is knowledgable about the Nexium And Prilosec lawsuit so that they can help guide you in the right direction. The problem with these two drugs is that the people who created it did not release warnings to doctors that it could increase the chances of experiencing renal failure, stroke, and disastrous kidney damage. Therefore, the doctors did not know this was a problem and were prescribing it to patients; they even prescribed it to patients that were already at an increased risk of this medical issues which was dangerous to them. The patients were also unaware that the medication that they were taking could be dangerous so it was unfair to them, especially the ones who ultimately did develop kidney damage as they began taking Nexium And Prilosec.

Seek Legal Counsel

If you are one of the unfortunate people that were affected by these drugs, contact a lawyer immediately. It is especially important that you find one that is knowledge about the Nexium And Prilosec cases so that they are better able to help your case. Since Nexium And Prilosec were not recalled, many people think they will not be able to be successful if they bring a lawsuit forward. That is absolutely not the case and if your health was affected by one of these drugs you do have a right for treatment. You should not wait for a class action lawsuit because that will not be very beneficial for you. The best way to handle it is to approach a lawyer experienced in the Nexium And Prilosec cases and work them to seek an individual lawsuit. This will be get you a larger settlement that you can put toward your medical bills. If you are considering seeking legal counsel about this issue, move quickly. You want to do this while you still have access to all the information you need and if you wait too long, you might be granted any rights for recovery of this information.

First Step To Take

The first step that you need to take in order to fully appreciate the levity of this situation is to really understand what Nexium And Prilosec are, and what the lawsuits are about. Nexus is used to treat stomach problems, usually an excess of acid, and it is also used to treat GERD. Many people that experience heartburn are prescribed with Nexium or Prilosec so it was very dangerous for the manufacturers of these drugs to not release the possible side effects. If they had, then doctors would have been more careful about who they prescribed it to and they would have monitored their patients more carefully. Due to the incompetence of the manufacturer, many people’s lives have been negatively affected and they now have to struggle to live their life with chronic kidney and renal failure.

More information:

Tips for a Successful Fishing Activity

There are a lot of things which one needs to consider before planning to go on a fishing trip. We are going to discuss some of the essential things you need to know in order to make your fishing trip a successful one.

    Choosing the Right Time to go Fishing

Fishing largely depends on perfect timing. There are certain time and seasons of the year when the fishes come out from the depths and are looking for food which makes them an easily target for the fishermen and anglers. During the spring season, the fishes get more hungry and cranky and come up to the surface. The sun is directly over the water making it cosy and warm for them. The best time to catch fish in spring is in the afternoon to early morning. In fall, early evenings become the most suitable time for fishing while in summers, fishing is great from dawn to mid-morning and then from dusk to dark.

    Temperature of the water

The temperature of the water greatly affects the fish. If the temperature is too hot or too low in shallow waters, the fish might become sluggish. It is important to understand the fact that fish are cold blooded and cannot maintain their body temperature at a constant level. This makes the temperature of their surroundings to influence their bodily functions. When the temperature of the water is either too high or too low, the amount of the oxygen in the water reduces and makes the fish less active, picky and this makes it slower for the fishermen to catch them.

    Importance of Light   

It is important for the water in which fishes live to be warm and cosy for them. This is the reason why fishes prefer either early morning or evening sun. The sun warms the shallow waters at these times just enough to make it comfortable for the fish to feed. The shallow waters that have dark or muddy bottoms are desirable during the late mornings in spring because the dark areas absorb heat rapidly. When the days are hot and sunny, the fish move up to cooler and deeper waters to stay comfortable. In such cases, deep fishing baits are used to lure the fish. Selecting the right combination of light, weather and time of the day is the most important part of planning a successful fishing trip.

    Importance of Wind

Wind is also another factor, which has an important role to play in a successful fishing. On a windy day, the wind will push the water and the surface food for fish to the far shore, which will make the fish go far shore too. In such situations, you also need to cast accordingly. If you are on a boat, then cast with the wind on a sheltered shore and if you are fishing from the shore, then cast into the wind to make your lure move with the wind like other food in the lake.

Understanding these simple things might help you greatly when planning a fishing trip and it will surely be successful if you consider these points seriously.

Fishing As a Past Time Activity

In the olden times, fishing was a survival necessity and done to satisfy hunger but now in the modern day, fishing is becoming a recreational activity. People are becoming busier every day with the advancement of technology and modernization of the society around us. All this hustle and bustle can be very stressing and tiring for our minds and body. Fishing is a great past time activity, which is opted by millions of people around the world. Nothing beats a calm, quiet and refreshing day out in the wild fishing with your pals or even alone.

The Perfect Time for Fishing

The perfect time to plan a fishing trip is afternoon to early evening in the spring season because the sun is directly overhead, which makes the water warm. The digestion and metabolism of fish is cranked and they eat a lot during this time. In summers, fishing is excellent from either before sunup to just before mid-morning or from early sundown until dark as fish rise up from the depths. In fall, the afternoon to early evening time is most suitable for fishing.

Fishing for Relaxation

Fishing is a fun activity, which relaxes the mind and body. People who love spending time outdoors and love the feeling of being free, enjoy this activity the most. Spending a day or two out on the boat with a friend or alone will really make you feel like you have escaped from all the hustle and bustle of your boring and stressing daily routine. Nothing brings on the feeling of being relaxed and alive like a day spent interacting with the fresh breeze and beauty of the nature.

Fishing as a Sport

Fishing like any other sport requires a combination of skill and physical exertion. It may not be a spectator’s sport but the one who goes fishing will surely enjoy every bit of casting, reeling and pulling out the fish. Many people have competitive fishing events where they compete to catch the biggest fish from a particular category.  Fishing requires some techniques, which need to be practiced and mastered. Only after becoming familiar with the techniques, one can become capable of luring and hooking up the fish from under the waters.

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